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Player Headquarters Plot (Page 1 of 4) - Roguey's X3AP site

    In this plot you will gain access to the player Headquarters - a unique building which allows you to build your own ships, colour them and store wares. Before X3AP v2.0 there was no way to get your own player headquarters (or PHQ for short). You will also gain the Unfocused Jumpdrive which will allow you to explore random sectors ..

X3ap Player Hauptquartier Faq - Isostar24

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Player Headquarters Plot (Index) - Roguey's X3AP site

    On the next few pages you will find the walk-through to the player headquarters plot. Please note this guide contains major spoilers ! 1. Introduction and requirements. A quick run-down about …

X3ap Player Headquarters Guide - Isostar24

    Before X3AP v2.0 there was no way to get your own player headquarters (or PHQ for short). You will also gain the Unfocused Jumpdrive which will allow you to explore random sectors .. Help, …

Player Headquarters - X3 Wiki (English) - Egosoft …


    EGOSOFT · Support · FAQs · FAQ: Read answer

      The reason for this are the new files added by X3AP and the new file structure. However, X3AP also uses several files from the X3TC directory. So there is a chance that a mod for X3TC …

    x3AP player HQ location suggestions - egosoft.com

      so im at the point in the game where im close to getting a HQ, (getting 3 laser towers for the plot) so my question, i was thinking of putting my HQ in getsu fune ( mainly for …

    Best HQ Sector :: X3: Albion Prelude General Discussions

      So which sector do you guys like to put your player HQ in? Personally I like Contorted Dominion. There are 3 all-ship shipyards within 3 sectors in any direction and tons of …

    X3AP Where's the best place to put Headquarters …

      Limited access is good, but since you'll probably have a heavy military presence there, it would be a tertiary requirement in my opinion. If you have a large ore and silicon mining …

    [X3AP/LU] Player Headquarters/Equipment Docks : X3TC

      The PHQ (player Headquarters), only available in Cloudbase South East, I use for my main base. There I can concentrate all my ships and loot, my boarded ships before I can refit and integrate …

    X3TC X3AP: Spieler Hauptquartier Teil 2, Tipps für Einsteiger, …

      Noch drei weitere interessante Infos. Entwürfe mit dem Blaupausenmanager von einem HQ zum anderen übergeben. (leider nur in X3AP und meiner neuen Mini-Mod. h...

    two player HQs? :: X3: Albion Prelude Allgemeine Diskussionen

      By playing the Terran plot for the Terran HQ, or the Argon Plot for the Commonwealth HQ - or using script to cheat one or both into the game. There is also the Corporate HQ (like …

    [X3AP--XRM] Player ship M7 hangar questions questions : X3TC

      Always my player ship choice. Hangar space for 20 fighters, with a docking port on the bottom pylon for m6 or ts. Stuff it full of ISRs with the MARS script and nothing less than another m7 …

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