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X3: Terran Conflict | X Universe Wiki | Fandom

    The biggest change from X3: Reunion is the addition of The Terran's, inhabitants of Earth. New sectors, ships, and missions. There are mini-expansions that came along with the updates: "…

X3: Terran Conflict on Steam

    Community Hub. X3: Terran Conflict. It is the year 2938. The long wished-for encounter of the X Universe and the Earth holds both joy and …

Steam Community :: Guide :: X3:TC for Dummies

    X3:TC for Dummies. X3:TC for Dummies has been designed with brand new players of the X universe in mind and comes with all the necessary information required to get …

X3 Terran Conflict - Manual.pdf [on23ek6gk0l0]

    Start X3: Terran Confl ict 4 How to Dock at Stations 24 Pirate Ships 65 THE X-UNIVERSE ENCYCLOPEDIA 102 How to Travel to Different Sectors 25 Split Ships 66 IT’S ABOUT TIME 103 …

[TC] Building a Headquarters in X3 Terran Conflict

    Yes and X3TC in particular is. "The more we, as a human race, becomes more advanced, the more we, as a human race, lose our humanity and common sense." - Sean …

X3 Terran Conflict Spielerhauptquartier - Isostar24

    This is the main page for all information relating to X3: Terran Conflict. X3: Terran Conflict was first released in 2008 and the most recent version is 3.2 (2012). Notable features of this …

X3: Terran Conflict - What can I do? - egosoft.com

    by Painman » Sun, 15. May 11, 06:23. The old adage definitely applies to X3 - "It takes money to make money". Making that first million credits can take a bit of time even for a vet player, if …

Mission issues :: X3: Terran Conflict General Discussions

    X3: Terran Conflict > General Discussions > Topic Details. boothardt May 22, 2016 @ 1:00pm. Mission issues. So I've been trying to do a few missions involving delivering cargo, …

Seizewell / Sector information / X3 Terran Conflict (X3TC)

    Amount. X. Y. Z. This list contained only those asteroids that used for mines. Screenshot of sector "Seizewell". Show sector "Seizewell" on map ».

Races - X3 Wiki (English) - Egosoft Confluence

    Comments: In X3: Albion Prelude the Goner stations offer no missions making the gaining of reputation difficult. Elysium of Light is used to spawn the argon fleets that push in …

Terran - X3 Wiki - Solasistim

    Foreign relations and military []. The Terran space-based military is composed of two known services, the United Space Command (USC) and the AGI Task Force (ATF).These factions are …

EGOSOFT · Downloads · X³: Terran Conflict · Patches

    X3: Terran Conflict Update 3.3. This is an update for version 3.0 onwards. This update brings a large number of fixes and improvements to many parts of the game. Version 3.3 features: …

X3: Terran Conflict - Wikipedia

    Gameplay. X3: Terran Conflict is a single player, first-person space-based simulator where the player can explore and expand in a constantly changing environment. The player can navigate …

Spielerhauptquartier Terran Conflict - Isostar24

    X3: Terran Conflict ist eine eigenständige Erweiterung von X3: Reunion, die im selben Universum basiert und dieselbe Engine verwendet.X3: Reunion hatte mehrere beliebte von Fans erstellte …

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